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 Origins (part 3)

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PostSubject: Origins (part 3)   Origins (part 3) Icon_minitimeFri Apr 18, 2008 7:53 am

A New Life A New Sight

Origins (part 3) Wolfeyes

Serra and i spent a week at the small inn overlooking the forest, i had paid for her room aswell as everything that she required. That week spent at the forest edge was eerily peaceful. I had not appreciated fully the sight of a setting sun or of the rising moon, as i had never sat still long enough to actually watch; and so that is what i did. I watched. Seven days i spent with Serra watching over her, and when the night came i watched the sun set and the new moon rise in all of its splendour. I could still feel the warmth it had given me on my first transformation. Its rays penetrating my flesh, my hairs standing on end as if excited by the moons gaze upon me. The eighth day approached slowly as i stood out on my balcony awaiting the sun. I had aquired a taste for watching the sunrise, the scents that could be smelt were unimaginable, if the time was taken to appreciate them.

The sunlight broke over the top of the forest, the sky slowly turning orange with the coming of the day. All the nocturnal creatures started to slip away from the sight of mortals into the forest, to the dens they has made, and it was at this moment that i had glanced into the trees, and my gaze met that of another. Silver eyes pierced the dark line of the trees, as the sun spread towards the inn. Our stare did not break for several minutes, my blue eyes piercing the day break. The silver eyes started to slowly back away into the darkness until they were gone. I made my way into the inn i did not eat as i had sated my hunger before the dawn; a stray villager had proven to be quite the morning meal. I sat in front of the fire with a tankard of the inns finest mead, watching the embers dance. Serra came softly down the stairs, my ears picked her footsteps up as soon as she had risen from her bed, her heartbeat light and steady. The innkeeper gave a passing glance as she smiled heartily, her dark curls wrapped around her fingers, as she sank into the chair beside me at the fireplace. Her eyes glinted at the dancing flames as she stared at them contently talking to me as i drank my mead. Her dark curls ran down her shoulders to her mid back, they captivated me, everything about her was beautiful. My lycan eyes gazed at her, admiring her. She looked at me slightly , a small smile crept over her face, her porcelain skin glowing by the fire light..

"Have you gathered your things?" i asked gently

"....Yes, i am ready to leave when you are....." smiling again

After finishing my mead i paid the innkeeper and thanked him for his hospitality. I went to fetch Kalvarion from the stables, Serra waited at the door of the inn with a small satchell filled with clothes that i had paid for in the small village, it was a long journey and it was the least i could do. I brought Kalvarion round to Serra and helped her mount Kalvarion, before i too mounted him, sitting behind her, taking the reins and starting off on our journey.

The following months that came were the best of my life, we had become great friends on the long road. We spent our evenings setting up camp and making the fire, preparing meals, all the while we began to ask about one another. I found out her history, where she grew up , what she did as a child, i watched over her as she slept, always on guard. Her emerald eyes captivateing me everytime i caught a glimpse. We sat arounfd the campfire each night for dinner the sounds of the birds dying for one more night, teasing each other playfully. It was one of the last days that we would spend together, when she asked that fated question.

"So ...Malakai, what ....exactly are you...?, i know you saved me from those things, but.....how?"

"If i tell you, you may not react well" my heart pounded as i said those words, for my feelings had grown for her what if i lost her, even though i had never spoke to her of how i felt, she was the only companion i had on this journey.

"Please tell me" the desperation in her voice was clear.

My eyes became brighter as the sun set, a piercing blue that could break the darkness so clearly. A deep and primal feeling lay within me, if i told her, she may tell others.

Against it all i opened my lips.

"I am a.......lycanthrope...."

Shame passed over me as i let those words slip. Her eyes did not change she did not flinch the green of her eyes seemed to glow brighter than before. She moved closer to me, my heart was pounding harder, her slender figure dazzling me in the firelight, her gaze looking down before raising up to meet my own.

"I thought so...."

As those words left her lips, she kissed mine, and there we were, two souls lost in the dancing embers and moonlight.
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Origins (part 3)
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