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 Origins (part one)

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PostSubject: Origins (part one)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:50 am


1737 the year of my birth. Still only a pup, small enough to fit in my fathers palm. However the joy of my birth was cut short. My mother died giving life to me, her only son the one she would never know. My father soon found a new partner and although she looked after me it was my sister Lunaera that raised me. Our father was Mordicravius Morvadum the leader of our clan and the Lord of the Sylvarii estate. A wise and powerful leader, but also a ruthless and deadly enemy, or so rumour said.

Throughout my younger years my sister taught me everything that she had learned about our species and the pure blood lines such as ours. Pure bloods can change at will if they master the ability. Such knowledge fascinated me as i neared my thirteenth birthday. The night of my thirteenth a feast was had in the great hall. Later in the night my father and step mother took me away from the manor into the forest.

Nothing was said. The trail was long, finally we reached our destination; a clearing in the center of the forest. My father beckoned me to the center and as i stood i began to feel different. My muscles started to ache slightly, my bones burnt, ligaments burnt also. Until finally the pain exploded within me. writhed helplessly in pain, my fingers digging deep into the forest floor. I felt my bones spilt as i cried out in agony, muscles tore from bone expanding to the larger frame that was being created. Everything began to spin as i fell in to darkness.

I awoke the following morning with Lunaera perched on the edge of my bed. She explained to me why i could not remember the events of the previous night and with the aid of the clan, my first hunt was a success. From then on i had changed i began to grow stronger and confidence radiated from me. This was not enough however. I wanted more. A chance to see the world. I wanted to leave my clan.

As the years passed my eagerness to travel did not wain, it consumed me to the point that on the eve of my twenty-first birthday i asked my fathers permission to set of on my journey. My request was denied instantaniously and as our tempers flared i left my fathers clan and began on my journey without his blessing. My only regret is that in doing so my sister refused to see me. As i left on my horse to start my adventure, i left alone with no-ne wishing me farewell.

A New Moon Cometh

It was a four days ride to be rid of the forest and my father. Words of hatred that we spoke danced in my mind as my steed cantered along the the soft leaves on the ground. The forest was humid the sun did not reach through the branches of the ancient trees that had made their homes there.The forest provided game to be hunted rabbits, to feasant, to the odd forest buck. Three days of riding had taken its tole on my spirit, for with no one else to talk to all i had were my thoughts.Upon the third night I dismounted my horse as we neared a small lake; formed in the center of a large clearing, the lake must have been a watering-hole to the wildlife that dwelled in that place.The sun shone brightly across the waters as i sniffed the twilight air, the scents dancing through my nostrils as i inhaled deeply. Birds sang in their nests as the sun slowly set over the top of the trees, i felt at ease watching the different colours stream over the sky above and as the sun died for one more night so did the faint echoes of life within the forest; everything came to a somber silence.

Darkness had gripped the forest as the moon shone brightly in the sky. A full moon. My horse and i lay hidden away amongst the tree line where i had constructed a make-shift shelter for the night. I lay there pondering where my journey would take me, what lands that i would see, the sights my eyes would feast upon. However my thoughts were cut short, for i had sensed a prescence within the forest, several in fact and as the howls rose from under the trees my suspicions were confirmed; a hunt was on.

A young woman burst forth from the tree line panting, her chest heaving, i could feel her heart pounding with such dread. Exhausted, she collapsed on a dead tree, gripping at the crooked branches to keep herself from falling to her knees. The scent of her hunters became to strong to ignore now. I knew that they were lycans however their scent was stranger almost unknown to me. They started to appear just beyond the tree line, they were horrid creatures unlike any lycan i had seen in my lifetime; blood had matted their fur, their maws open wide saliva hungrily dripping from they razor like teeth. Foul beasts. Unable to change into human form, totally wild and rabid. I could not stand by and witness the massacre to come.As the first assailant tore from the tree line so to did i. Running on all fours silenty approaching its prey, within an arms reach of its goal, pouncing, jaws wide ready to strike. My heart pounding as i too lept foward, driving its skull viciously into the rocks. Six more darted from the trees as the young girl shreaked in terror. Transfoming, my light brown fur glinted slightly in the moonlight as the blood from those vile creatures came to lay upon it as each of them fell under my claws.

Towering over the remaining few male lycans, i charged towards the first my teeth sinking into the soft flesh of his neck as i tossed him into the lake, landing on the rocks with a sickening crack, fatally wounded. As the last remaining lycan attempted to attack , i grabbed its throat with my paw and squeezed, taking great delight in watching the life slowly drain from that creature before tightening my grip, crushing its neck in my grasp.

Cowering beside the tree, the young girl sat trembling in fear, i made my way over to her standing over her, my blue eyes piercing the blackness.Turning to face me i outstretch my paw, fear flooded her eyes as i did so, still looking at her with determination my paw remained there. Standing slowly, still shaking she clumsily threw herself into my arms, sobbing gently untill her sobbing stopped as she passed into sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part one)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:50 am

please feel free to tell me what you think Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part one)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:11 pm

nice too bad the savage beasts had to be lycans instead of the dreaded vampires
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part one)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:35 am

dont worry i think you'll like what i have planned

yeah i love lycans too, but there have to be bad ones too unfortunatly and i have based it when the lycanthropy virus was still very potent so if bitten by an older werewolf then the virus would take hold completely rather than letting them change back to human form.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part one)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:44 pm

I like it so far mate. . . good!, i like stories. . .Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part one)   

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Origins (part one)
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