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 Origins (part two)

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PostSubject: Origins (part two)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:44 am

A Welcome Change

Morning approached swiftly as i watched over the girl, wondering why she was out here all alone. Life began to bloom in the forest, the birds once again started to churp as they had done so the previous day. I had stayed in my lycan form all night watching and listening for any other predators like those vile creatures, but all was clear in the forest. I had left the girl sleeping as i went to hunt breakfast. I returned with two hare, prepared them, and rest their carcasses over the open fire i had built.

The girl stirred in her sleep as the scent of meat filled the small campsite. Our meal was almost prepared as the girl began to awaken from her troubled slumber. Her dark hair curled around her face as she stretched trying to shake off the tiredness. The crackling of the fire had caught her attention, she began to turn her head slowly. I expect she determined that her eyes would fall upon a beast, but instead they fell upon me as i ate the meat. I did not say anything. I sat gazing into the flames, her nevous breathing could be heard just under the crackling of fire on wood.I picked up the meat i had prepared for her and slowly made my way towards her, she darted back, unable to hide her breathing now, i placed it down and returned to my seat. She tore into the meat viciously. A small grin passed over my face. My horse, Kalvarion, drank at the waters edge, he had been well rested despite the previous night.

The meat was all but gone from my hare, as the girl took another mouthful of food. "What is your name?" I asked in a calm but powerful voice. The girl stopped eating , My eyes glanced softly over to the stick at her feet and her name carved into the dirt.
her eyes darting up like a frightened animal, for i had never spoken a word to her before. "I asked you your name" i said once more prodding the fire with a stick. Her reactions were lethargic. Grabbing a small twig she drew her name into the dirt and began to devour what was left of her breakfast.

I glanced over at her feet and the name carved into the dirt.


I grinned as i read this name to myself, I looked at her , her eyes raising up to look at mine.

"Im Malakai...."

End Trail..

After the initial introduction, Serra began to come out of her well sealed shell. As i packed up my things and saddled Kalvarion i had asked her what she had been doing in the forest. The answer was simple; She had been taken as a slave and as her slavers passed through the forest they had been attacked. Only managing to escape herself she ran until she collapsed. After that conversation i enquired where her family had lived, her eyes grew dim as the words passed my lips. The answer i was given was one of sorrow, they were only a few months away, however she had no idea where she was, her slavers kept he in their supply carriage most of the day.

Saddling Kalvarion, I gazed at the girl, at Serra, and offered her my assistance in returning her home. Reluctantly she accepted. Lifting her onto Kalvarion i led the way through the forest, one more day and the forest would be behind us.

Game was rare at the edge of the forest the surroundings had changed and had warped into a dark and twisted realm, its macbre ambience dominated the beauty of the forest . Dark things dwelled there, lycans being just one of them. Serras' emerald eyes glinted in the shadows, her brwon locks curling down her shoulders as i led Kalvarion through the forest. She never spoke. She didn't have to i could smell her fear. Not for the forest , but for me.

The darkness grew thicker, as my eyes adjusted to it another few hours and i would be rid of this place. I could smell the twilight approachingthe air grew thinner a small breeze could be felt.

"What are you?!...." A terrified voice blurted.

I stopped and looked at Serra, once more her eyes were filled with tears and dread.

"You know what i am...but i am not like those creatures last night i wont harm you"

My blue eyes penetrating her own, her heart became calmer, a sigh of relief left her lips.

"Perhaps another time i will talk of it more with you" i said as i turned again leading them .

Finally we broke free from the hold of the forest, the cool air brushing across our faces. I continued to lead as far as a small inn. This was but the first stop on our long journey.
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part two)   Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:16 pm

good stuff keep it up m8
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part two)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:36 am

Thanks im just thinkin of the next part i will be offline for a week because i cant fight in this war so when i get back , if Fen lets me back, i'll have the third installment Smile
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Fenris Blackmane
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part two)   Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:47 pm

Yep, keep it up. . . .i wont to know more now. . . .Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part two)   Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:45 am

Thanks Fen

means alot Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Origins (part two)   

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Origins (part two)
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