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PostSubject: Lyrics   Lyrics Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 1:22 pm

I Am In The Rap Bussiness And I Write Some Lyrics Here Are Some Lyrics Very Happy

tryna remember all the shit i did in my life
aint nothing good in it
all i wanna do is see the end of it
oh fuck the world
surounded by enemiez and foes
i'd be betta off with sum hoes
no true friends out there
only sum backstabbers
and shit eaters
yeah muthafuckaz
i am calling you out
to show you what's it all about
fuck this motherfucking piece of shit
nobody can see the world the way i see it
nobody can understand why i do this shit
its not as if i am a big rap wannabee
and nothing in my life but rap
all my life has is a lot of crap
all i want is a bitch to slap
some weed to smoke
and to drink some coke
all i need is some sleep
i will never wake up again
of this dream i'm dreamin
my heart just keeps on bleeding
no pulse is felt
the nightmare is ova
boom goes the landrova
moments of my life keep flashing
the whole army outside is bashing
and my dreams keep crashing
all i got in this world is my fucking believe
thats a rap medal to retrieve..
Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Lyrics   Lyrics Icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2008 1:25 pm


Mr gangsta rap is back
all covered in black
bitch i'm back
and i got a brand new stack
talk about it ima kill ya with this MAC
see the bitchez dancin
see them playaz bouncin
all them pussies be frontin
sayin they dont love me no more
sayin they dont need no more
sayin i aint no more
bitch i swore
when i'm in the game i score
yeah i dont wanna listen to that shit no more
my ride is hooked up well
yeah homey well as hell
ya might go and tell
the coperz i'm bangin
and the way i let this bandana hangin
the way i stalk in the night
and i look for pussies to fight
yeah i know ya haterz feel me
yall wish you could rhyme like me
wanna talk like me
wanna sound like me
wanna walk like me
wanna move like me
yeah you smile in my face
but when i turn back you start talkin behind that case
when i'm done go and buy a neck brace
yeah i'm on for the big chase
the rapper is here
drinkin beer
with all the newest gangsta gear
through the weed smoke i see even clearer
with my gun i sound even realer
yeah i'm just a street killer
potato peeler
hip-hop dealer
It Is That Bulgaria Shit !
Marto Rapa
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