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 War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!!

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War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!! Empty
PostSubject: War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!!   War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 1:13 pm

After a few months of rapid expansion and furious biteing of victims to raise a army of brethren, Fenris Blackmane and Cisco encounterd a few problems in there Evening Manhunts. . . .Suspicious Villagers and frightened city folk scurrying around with the petty mortal exsistences, grouped together and armed whilst carrying out there daily toils. A week of poor loot and scant victims was leaveing the rapidly expanding brotherhood short of gold and lean of limb due to malnurishment!. . . . .Fenris and Cisco scouting around in the region soon discovered why, after flailing alive the whole vilage of Kryptgarden and tortureing them and eating there children in front of the horrified parents. . . .The truth became apparent, The ancient enemy and hated rival - The Nosferatu's were in the region ensconced and feeding on the locals!!!!!. Useing there Black arts and cowardly spells to charm the locals under there thrall they were denying the brotherhood there due gold and flesh.

Hunting around together for a week Fenris and Cisco picked up the scent of there hated enemy and backtracked a raiding party of vampires to a abandoned and heavily fortified castle overlooking the Sword Coast. . . . Cisco useing his stength and guile sneaked up to the castle and snatched a enthralled sentry guarding the castle and over the next hour whilst eating his legs and arms off his torso managed to get a name of the vampires off the tortured soul!. . . . . .

The enemy vampire clan was the 'Underworld Death Dealers' led by a Vampire Lord called Alexander Corvinus, Returning to there scattered holds and hideouts Cisco and Fenris gathered there Clan brethren and brood and timeing for a early evening arrival marched in force to the Castle of Vampires. Forewarned of there arrival the vampires had gathered there full strength and had marched out to meet the brotherhood. . . . . .A mighty and epic battle kicked off with scores of immortals fighting to the death in a wooded valley, Fenris Rapidily slaughtering his way through the numerically superior but physically inferior vampires headed towards the banner of the death dealers and the mighty leader Alexander, After shortly dispatching a pathetic pair of Vampire fledgelings snapping one into two and tossing the shattered parts over his head Fenris closed on the leadership of the clan. . . .Looking to his left, Fenris saw Cisco fighting flat out and getting the better of a band of four Vampires. . .Looking to his right to see how things were going Fenris observed Sciwolf and Zetsumei Reiaze tearing through the Vampiric scum like a hot knife through butter. . .Concentrateing on his own fighting again Fenris Observed his protege Woebane going down mortally wounded to A fiercesome and large Female Vampire, watching the sword strike come out woebane's back Fenris quickly jumped across and intervened before the killing strike could be struck. . . .The Large Vampire laughed out loud stateing " I am Kutebare , Clan enforcer . . . .You lycan scum are weak and will fall before me. . . .", Smileing at the Sheer swaggering vampiric scum, fenris jumped straight in and after several minutes the Vampire Kutebare was smileing no longer, after a particularly quick strike from fenris opened Kutebare up from throat to navel. Kutebare collasped in agony before dissapareing into corporal form and drifting off across the battlefield. . . . .

Seeing the battle turning the Underworld Death Dealers hastily began to retreat of thr battlefield, Not satisfied with merely beating the vampires Cisco and Fenris continued to rip into the vampiric scum slaughtering the remaining few and Scattering them to the four winds. . . . .Leaveing the rest of the clan behind Fenris stalked and hunted down the Underworld Clan Leader Aexander Corvinus. Growling a challenge Fenris wasted no time in hacking at him with his battleaxe, Axe v's Sword for nearly 30 minutes of bitter fighting left the Vampire lord looking blood soaked and torn up by Fenris's Heavy strokes. His legs not supporting him and his sword arm broken the Vampire lord collasped at Fenris's feet. . . . ."Yield Nosferatu" Spoke Fenris, with burning hate Alexander dropped his sword and surrendered. . . . ."You have One week to remove your shattered and broken clan from our lands or we will eradicate you Nosferatu" Growled Fenris. " I agree to your terms" Said Alexander through painfull and rasping breathes. . . . .

Returning in Victory to a feast of 100 Burning Villagers and some Home brewed Ale The Brotherhood of The Crescent moon had overcome its first foe and secured its hunting territory, Feasting and drinking Fenris and Cisco set about gathering there strength for the next challenges!. . . . . . . . . .
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War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!!   War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 6:35 pm

Awesome stuff Fenris, I'm going to try writing something like this for the Dominion war since I was more involved in that that one than the first war.

I thought this line was funny though:
"A mighty and epic battle kicked off with scores of immortals fighting to the death"

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War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!! Keyanni5

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War. . . . .Unleash the dogs of war!!
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