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 First Blood!!

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PostSubject: First Blood!!   Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:33 pm

After a week of gorgeing himself on human snacks and gradually getting to know his full strength and powers Fenris Blackmane was sedately walking through the town of Brightvale on a fine summers evening contemplateing who to recruit into The Brotherhood and what unlucky human was going to be his evening rapast when passing a quiet alleyway Fenris observed a pale human stalking a young female down the alley. Intringued and senseing something amiss Fenris followed stealthily, The pale human with a burst of astonishing speed quickly closed the gap to the young female and clamped a fast appearing set of fangs into her shapely neck. Slurping and noisely draining the female dry the what can only be 'Vampire' feasted on his prey.

Senseing the opotunity to test his new powers and strength against the immortal enemy, Fenris stepped into view and confidently strolled into view. . . . .The Vampire quickly glanced up from his fast dying kill and smiled a toothy grin, Fenris felt his hairs raiseing on his neck and sensed a threat comeing in behind him. Another Vampire narrowly missed connecting with a Clawed strike to what would have been his neck, Fenris quickly reacting a rolling into a crouch. The two Vampires confidently stalked in from two sides expecting a quick kill and a nice dessert. The smiles rapidly dissapeared when before their eyes Fenris changed into his lycan form sprouting muscle, fur and a elongated snout, soon reaching his full height of 7 feet and creating a inposeing sight to the two pale and skinny vampires.

With a snarl and a ferocious howl Fenris leaped at the first Vampire connecting with a vicious backhand strike launching the vampire across the alleyway, Turning quickly to intercept the lightning attack of the second Vampire Fenris blocked a combination of bare handed strikes before in a awe inspireing move grabbed hold of the Vampire and twisted his head clean of its shoulders, with a surge of power ripped the whole spinal column from the vampire and snapped it in to pieces!!. . . . .The First Vampire by this time was in full retreat down the alleyway, moveing at a supernatural pace away from the rampageing werewolf. With a final savage kick against the dead Vampires head which sent it spinning across the alleyway and into a squelching impact against a brick wall, Fenris rapidly stalked after the second Vampire scenting and tracking his prey across the town. Screams and wails of terror plus people running in fear soon began to sink into Fenris 's mind, his lycan form was not going down to well. . . . .Not careing a rapidly closeing on the fleeing Vampire Fenris caught him up at the edge of town and with a full leap caught him about the shoulders and rapidly ripped its throat out and tore the body in to small pieces. Consumed by bloodlust and caught up in the kill Fenris was surprised when a 4 foot length of Broad sword slided in through his back and lodged in his ribcage!!. Rapidly turning and on reflex twisting away from the new threat Fenris in total agony and bleeding heavily surveyed a third Vampire Decked out in shineing armour and haveing an aura of death and eternity about it stalked in to finish off what he had started. Fenris loseing strength and semi paralysed down one side could not avoid the following blows and ended up takeing a sword hit to the leg and a glanceing blow to the head, Overmatched and badly wounded Fenris with a last ditched maneuver managed to twist and disarm the Vampire before it could finish him, The vampire un pertubed picked up Fenris and threw him clean across the alley causeing more dammage to his already battered frame.

Closeing in for the kill and savouring the moment the Vampire stalked in. . . . .And in midstep a streak off black/silver fur impacted on the Vampire tearing at his throat and chest landing heavy blow after heavy blow, Two minutes of heavy blows put the two in a bruised and bloody state. Angling in for another strike it was with bewilderment the vampire looked down at the 4 feet length of steel hanging out its chest, With a savage twist Fenris ripped the Broadsword across and up the Vampire tearing the torso in two!. With a wet pant and soon collapseing again Fenris turned and said to the other Lycan creature " Thanks again for the save Cisco, Twice in a month is a poor showing for me!". . . .With a casual shrug and a toothy grin Cisco replied " You just bit off too much too early Friend, That was a Elder Vampire and a strong one at that", " You will learn which Vampires you can attack and which one's are too strong. . . . .For now".

With a fast growing light approaching the towns folk were gathering to to investigeate the disturbance in there town, Limping and retreating for now . The two lycans headed deep into the undergrowth and away from the town vowing in both there minds to get more powerfull and stronger so they never have to turn there backs on anyone ever again . . . . . . . . .

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Keyan Tobin

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PostSubject: Re: First Blood!!   Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:38 pm

Great stuff Fen, nice descriptions.

"Shadow of Night or the Brilliance of Day, it matters not, yet will I still be there for my Clan Brothers" - Keyan Tobin, Proud War Councilor of the Lycan Alliance War Council

"Oderint dum metuant" - Caligula
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PostSubject: Re: First Blood!!   Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:55 pm

The Fenris saga continues, next installment will be the turning of Woebane. . . .
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PostSubject: Awesome   Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:35 pm

Greetings All,

Its awesome as always Fenris, keep up the good work. I cant wait for the next installment to come. cheers

Sincerely, Mugon.
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PostSubject: Re: First Blood!!   Mon Feb 25, 2008 3:42 am

hehehehe..... two vampires versus one werewolf, werewolf one vampires 0...
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PostSubject: Re: First Blood!!   

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First Blood!!
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